As the government shutdown enters its 10th day, Jon Stewart‘s attacks on “The Daily Show” become more and more scathing. The latest group to come under fire is the so-called moderate Republicans who would apparently vote for a resolution to the current standoff if only Speaker Boehner would allow a vote.

“So if all these reasonable Republicans want to do the right thing, why don’t they?” Stewart asks. “Oh, so they’re willing to let people lose their government paycheck so that they don’t lose their government paycheck.”

Then Al Madrigal steps up and explains the big secret behind these “responsible Republicans”: they’re closeting their true selves from those closest to them.

“Maybe they’re afraid of being judged by their families, colleagues; afraid of not being accepted for who they are. They prefer the term ‘bipartisan curious,’ and there’s way more of them than you realize,” he says. “They use an app called ‘Votr.’ … You sign up and then other responsible Republicans nearby can see your profile and decide if they want to meet up. … It’s fiscally safe sex.”

The harshest attack on this reported group of individuals comes from Madrigal, who asks Stewart, “You’re saying that Republicans are just being babies and pooping all over the country when they could choose to grow up and be responsible?” There’s clearly a need for someone to be responsible as this ongoing government shutdown continues.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz