the daily show jon stewart hugh grant dictator gi 'The Daily Show': Jon Stewart never wants 'Dictator' Hugh Grant back on the show

Hugh Grant should have known that it’s never a good idea to irritate or anger Jon Stewart. Sure, “The Daily Show” doesn’t typically make or break careers, but the program’s host is not exactly shy about expressing his feelings against those who make him mad.

And Hugh Grant made Jon Stewart mad.

The issue stems from Grant’s appearance on the show while promoting his film, “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” in 2009. In an interview with fellow satirical newsman Stephen Colbert, Stewart revealed that Grant had been a jerk on that visit. Grant spent his whole pre-show time complaining about being there: “He’s giving everyone sh*t the whole time,” Stewart explained. “And he’s a big pain in the a*s.”

Grant even had an issue with the movie clip Stewart aired during the show. Although supplied by a publicist for the film, the actor was not satisfied with the selection, saying “What is that clip? It’s a terrible clip.” Stewart’s response? “Well then make a better f***ing movie.”

Stewart has insisted that he would never again welcome Hugh Grant back onto the show.

Posted by:Laurel Brown