barack obama daily show 'The Daily Show' satirizes Barack Obama's presidency in 'It Could've Been Worse' 'campaign film'No matter how you feel about President Barack Obama‘s term in office, “Seinfeld” creator Larry David says this fact is indisputable:

It could’ve been worse.

That’s the title of a satirical “campaign film” aired last night (Sept. 6) on “The Daily Show” following Obama’s DNC acceptance speech.

In his narration — over media coverage of the disastrous events of the past four years — the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” curmudgeon emphasizes the “positives.”

Some highlights of how “the president used the power of his office to lessen the badness”:

  • The Obama Doctrine: Less bad is better than more bad.
  • Nobody mentioned the 60 percent of the country that wasn’t burning or covered in oil.
  • OK, he didn’t close Guantamo — but it didn’t get any bigger, so it’s in remission!
  • Health reform is better than cancer.
  • For a black president to not get hit by an asteroid, that’s a success.
  • No zombie apocalypse.

In summary, David says, “As president, he was pretty, pretty…not as bad as he could’ve been.”

Posted by:dmoorhouse