jon-stewart-bill-oreilly-daily-show-comedy-central.JPGBill O’Reilly returned yet again to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” Monday night (Sept. 30) and as usual, he and host Jon Stewart had a few good sparring moments, especially with the looming government shutdown (or as Jon called it, “Rockin’ Shutdown Eve.”) 

But first, O’Reilly’s new book: on his last visit to the “Daily Show” in May, Stewart told the host of The O’Reilly Factor that he could “reproduce books like mold.” A tad over four months later, and he’s back, this time with his newest book, “Killing Jesus: A History.” This is the third “Killing” book after Lincoln and Kennedy, and O’Reilly said there are three more in the wings. Lots more “Killing” to come.
On the shutdown: O’Reilly said that he has called both political parties to tell them to get this figured out, but he feels the Affordable Healthcare Act, that goes into effect on October 1, should have a waiver put into place to allow individuals to “figure it out.” They also touched on the issues with Syria, with O’Reilly stating that by not bombing Syria after threatening to do so, the country and Obama now appear weak. Stewart retorts it’s necessary to consider changing factors as they happen, and then rubs his forehead a lot. 
While some people bemoan Bill O’Reilly coming on this show as often as he does, it makes for good, smart TV when two people with opposing views go at each other.
Some of the best lines, or you can watch a clip or two below:
  • “‘Killing Jesus.’ Don’t tell me how this ends. Because I have Breaking Bad taped and I want to get to the end of this. Just tell me… was it my guys? Did we do it?” – Jon
  • “Can I ask you a question, about the Republicans?” – Jon
    “No.” – Bill
  • “They didn’t poll you guys (addressing the audience about Obamacare.) They don’t poll in Cuba.” – Bill
  • “Are you sure this (book) wasn’t just bought by hotels to stick next to Bibles?” – Jon
  • “I’m glad they hired you back. That English guy (John Oliver)? I couldn’t understand him. He doesn’t say his ‘H’s’.” – Jon
O’Reilly said he’s already sold 350,000 copies of his book in four days. Have you gotten a copy yet?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson