heath ledger joker 'The Dark Knight' becomes first Facebook movie rentalHey Netflix, better watch your back — Zuckerberg’s coming for you, too.

For a mere 30 Facebook credits, or $3.00 to those of us who speak in terms of actual currency, members of the social networking site will now be able to digitally rent movies.

Warner Bros.’ “The Dark Knight” is the first film to be available on Facebook, as the studio announced on Monday (Mar. 7) that they would be the first to begin offering movies on the site.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, rentals will be available for 48 hours  while still retaining full Facebooking capabilities during that time. Viewers can pause and resume the film during that time period as well as continue to creep on their friends and over-share via status updates.

Users who “Like” the film on Facebook can rent it now by viewing it’s official page and clicking the “rent” icon.

Using “The Dark Knight” as a test run for the service, Warner Bros. will make additional titles available for both rental and purchase in the coming months. But the real question is, when will Columbia Pictures and “The Social Network” jump on board with this?

Will you use the new Facebook movie rental feature? Is it a legitimate rival to services such as Instant Netflix and Movies on Demand? Personally, we’re not ready to turn in our Netflix subscription just yet.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci