christopher nolan getty 'The Dark Knight Rises' director Chris Nolan on Aurora shooting:“The Dark Knight Rises” director Chris Nolan has released a statement following Friday’s tragic shooting at an Aurora, Colorado midnight screening of the film. Though the cast of the film has remained mum om the subject, Nolan’s statement was written on behalf of the entire cast and crew.

“I would like to express our profound sorrow at the senseless tragedy
that has befallen the entire Aurora community,” Nolan says.

He goes on to address the country’s concern that last night’s events will profoundly effect the moviegoing experience. “I would not presume to 
know anything about the victims of the shooting but that they were there
last night to watch a movie. I believe movies are one of the great
American art forms and the shared experience of watching a story unfold
on screen is an important and joyful pastime.

“The movie theatre is my
home, and the idea that someone would violate that innocent and hopeful
place in such an unbearably savage way is devastating to me. Nothing any
of us can say could ever adequately express our feelings for the
innocent victims of this appalling crime, but our thoughts are with them
and their families.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie