joseph-gordon-levitt-gq-cover-dark-knight-rises.jpgIn the latest issue of GQ, Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about experience filming “The Dark Knight Rises” (which hits theaters on Friday, July 20) and his sometimes uncomfortable relationship with fame.

“I really don’t like this notion that some people are more important than other people,” says the one-time “Third Rock from the Sun” actor. “These stories about these elevated people called ‘celebrities’ teaches you that what you [average people] have to say doesn’t matter. It’s degrading.”

The actor, who plays Commissioner Gordon’s young protege in the final Christopher Nolan “Batman” installment, also says he’s mellowed with age.

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“[I was] a sort of serious little dude — snobby,” he says. At risk of becoming a “hopeless ivory-tower douchebag.”

According to the new article, that’s all changed and Gordon-Levitt is having more fun as an adult.

“He was a very mature boy,” says “Third Rock” co-star John Lithgow. “I remember him carrying on about the ecological damage that is done when people build new golf courses. What teenager worries about that? And now he’s a very youthful adult. He’s done a flip-flop.”

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson