bane tdkr 'The Dark Knight Rises,' now with easier to understand villainsReviews of the six-minute opening sequence of “The Dark Knight Rises” that’s been playing in IMAX theaters have been rapturous, except for one thing: People complained that it was pretty difficult to understand what primary villain Bane (Tom Hardy) is saying.

Director Christopher Nolan had initially resisted calls to change or clean up Bane’s voice, but it appears he’s relented at least a little on that front.

According to Collider, Warner Bros. has sent a new audio mix to IMAX theaters to play with the prologue. Some background noise has been lowered so that Hardy’s dialogue comes through more clearly, a source tells the site. That seems like a fair compromise — Bane’s speech hasn’t been altered any, but dropping out a bit of background noise could save moviegoers a bit of frustration.

A note sent with the new audio also seems to indicate the problem may have been in the theaters: “your dubber may not be calibrated to the specs required for the best possible presentation of the ‘Dark Knight Rises Prologue,'” it reads in part.

If you’ve seen the prologue with the new audio track, let us know how it sounds.

Posted by:Rick Porter