Hollywood history is littered with casting “almosts”: Tom Selleck was nearly Indiana Jones, for instance. Pee-wee Herman as Batman, though? It’s safe to say that probably never came up — even during pre-production of “Batman and Robin.”

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, though, we can see what “The Dark Knight Rises” might be like if Paul Reubens‘ alter ego had been cast as the Caped Crusader. And also Bane, and Catwoman, and Lucius Fox.

The “Late Night” host has taken a TV ad for the movie and his gift for impressions and turned it into possibly the funniest 30 seconds you’ll see today. He pretty well nails the various Pee-Wee inflections, and there’s an extremely well-placed “ha-ha” at the 11-second mark.

It’s been a good day for Batman memes in general: In addition to Fallon’s bit, you can also watch this well-done mashup of “Breaking Bad” and “Batman” titled, obviously, “Breaking Batman.”

The real “Dark Knight Rises” opens in theaters July 20.

Posted by:Rick Porter