With “The Dark Knight Rises” less than two weeks from hitting theaters, the promotional blitz is starting to ramp up.

Following the release of the film’s production notes, Warner Bros. has also unveiled a pretty extensive behind-the-scenes featurette with director Christopher Nolan and the core cast talking about the making of the movie. You can watch the 13-minute video at the top of the post.

In a lot of ways, the featurette kind of an audiovisual representation of the production notes, with Nolan, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and others recounting the theme of Bane (Hardy) being Batman’s (Bale) greatest test to date. You’ll also see a good amount of making-of footage — including from the knockout prologue and the big battle filmed on Wall Street — as well as finished scenes and still photos.

It’s another canny piece of marketing by the studio, which is revealing just enough about the plot of “The Dark Knight Rises” to make fans salivate but not giving away the big story points.

“The Dark Knight Rises” opens on July 20. What do you think of the video?

Posted by:Rick Porter