ted sarandos the dark tower netflix gi 'The Dark Tower' coming to Netflix? Ted Sarandos talks the possibilityWhen last we heard about Ron Howard‘s ambitious plans to adapt “The Dark Tower,” it wasn’t good news. Back in 2011, Universal had scrapped its plan to participate with Howard’s Imagine in turning Stephen King‘s sprawling eight-book series into three films and two seasons of TV. But with Howard’s new relationship with Netflix developed during the revival of “Arrested Development,” could the website breathe new life into the once-doomed plans?

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, spoke with Stuff in anticipation of the new season of “AD” and revealed that he and Howard have spoken about the daunting project.

“I spoke to Ron about it, actually,” Sarandos admits. “The last time we talked about it, the thing was being kicked around HBO – but it’s no longer there. Once ‘Arrested Development’ gets through, we’ll keep talking about it.”

The website also quizzed Sarandos, as a fan, about the revival possibilities of a list of perennially mourned shows that included “Twin Peaks” (“Absolutely!”) and “Jericho.” Sarandos laid out his argument for why he’s hesitant to dig further into the revival business, and why “AD” is different from the rest:

“Let me give you one broad statement about these recovery shows. In almost every case the cult around the show gets more intense and smaller as time goes by. ‘Arrested Development’ was the rarest of birds in that the audience of the show grew larger than the original broadcast audience because people came to discover it years after it was cancelled. The ‘Firefly’ fan is still the ‘Firefly’ fan from when it was on TV and there’s fewer of them and they’re more passionate every year. Whereas with ‘Arrested Development’ we’re going to be serving a multiple of the original audience. Any of the other shows we could bring back would be a fraction of the original audience.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles