Veronicamars_290 Zap2it’s first-ever poll of the best television characters in the 2000s revealed a number of things, chief among them the abiding love for “Veronica Mars” and other long-gone shows, especially those from the mind of Joss Whedon. Plus, there’s still a lot of love out there for “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

Best Mom: Lorelai Gilmore from “The Gilmore Girls” won a handy victory.

You thought we should have included Sarah Connor (who was well represented in other categories), Allison DuBois from “Medium” and “Arrested Development’s” Lucille Bluth.

Best Dad: This one was closer, with “Veronica Mars” dad Keith, just ahead of “Arrested Development’s” Michael Bluth.

Most of you thought “Bones'” Seeley Booth should be on the list, with both Tony Soprano and Homer Simpson getting multiple nominations as well.

Best Son/Daughter: No contest here; Seth Cohen from “The O.C.” took it.

You also thought Veronica Mars and “Terminator’s” John Connor were worth votes.

Best Couple: Jim and Pam from “The Office” squeaked past Lily and Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother” and “Lost’s” constants Des and Penny.

You wrote in Chuck and Sarah from “Chuck,” Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls and “Smallville’s” Lois Lane plus Clark Kent. (Dear Ross and Rachel fans: Give the rules another read.)

Best Brother(s): Sam and Dean Winchester from “Supernatural” dominated.

You wanted to see “Firefly” doc Simon Tam, “Six Feet Under’s” Fishers and “Two and a Half Men’s” Charlie and Alan. Bonus points to the reader who pointed out “Lost’s” Boone really loved his step-sister.

Best Sister(s): Ellie Bartowski, sister of “Chuck,” took it.

You slayed us for not including Buffy Summers and shiny-haired sis Dawn or “Charmed’s” Halliwells.

Best Boss: “NCIS” leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs flew away with this title.

You, though, cast ballots for Pres. Bartlett of “The West Wing” and “Firefly’s” Captain Mal Raynolds.

Best Co-Worker: Despite his pranks, Jim Halpert of “The Office” got the most votes.

Jim’s co-worker Dwight got love from you, as did “24” analyst Chloe O’Brian.

Jackmcbrayer_30rock_290 Best Underling: Tracy Jordan can rest easy: “30 Rock” page Kenneth Ellen Parcell won.

We don’t really consider the “Firefly” crew underlings, but you do, as well as “Entourage” assistant Lloyd Lee.

Best Reality Personality: Must be good to be bad. Simon Cowell of “American Idol” got this title.

Your write-ins covered a wide range of shows, but among them Gordon Ramsay and “The Bachelor’s” Chris Harrison got more than a few nods.

Best Educator: Butt-kicking “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” librarian Rupert Giles won this one.

You thought we were on drugs for not including “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White.

Best College Student: Rory of “Gilmore Girls” went to the head of the class.

You, though, wished we’d paid more attention to Veronica Mars’ college years and added her.

Best High-School Student: Forget her college years, though. you named Veronica as the best high-school student.

That said, you wished we’d included the Scooby Gang from “Buffy.”

Best President: It was a close contest, but David Palmer from “24” took the popular vote. For once, we apparently covered all your write-in options. USA! USA!

Best Voiceover: Quite a number of you found Michael Westen’s “Burn Notice” voiceovers the best on television.

Almost all of you, though, quite rightly pointed out the missing Ron Howard work from “Arrested Development.”

Best Rebel: Slinging nicknames works wonders, as “Lost” con man Sawyer stole the show in this category.

Maybe, though, we need a show where “Veronica Mars'” Logan and “Buffy’s” Spike out-eyebrow-arch each other? You’d like that.

Yvonnestrahovski_chuck_290 Best Spy/Secret Agent: Almost no contest: Sarah Walker of “Chuck”.

Sadly, most of your write-ins came from outside our timeline. Rules, people! Other than that, “Alias” hunk Michael Vaughn got your vote.

Best Antihero: In a squeaker, “House” beat out “Firefly’s” Jayne Cobb. Somewhere (not his bunk), the Hero of Canton is weeping.

While you applauded our choices, you also felt Spike from “Buffy” once again hadn’t gotten his due.

Best Tough Girl: “Terminator’s” Sarah Connor won hands down. Tell us, was SkyNet spamming the system?

Best Boozer: “The O.C.’s” Kirsten Cohen drank up the top spot. Cheers!

Y’all thought we were drunk for not including “Rescue Me’s” Tommy Gavin or “Two and a Half Men’s” Charlie Harper.

Best Doctor: No question here; Greg House got the most votes. While many of you wrote in The Doctor, we were really going for medical professionals and not immortal Time Lords.

Best Therapist: Original “Monk” shrink Charles Kroger cleaned up. You, though, thought we were crazy for not including “Bones'” Lance Sweets.

Best Nurse: “Scrubs'” Carla cured what ails us the most. And really, people, nurses from “M*A*S*H” are a bit outside the rule of shows that aired in the 2000s.

Best Love Triangle: The Juliet/Jack/Sawyer drama on “Lost” is the winner in this slot. Some of you, though, wished we’d mentioned Duncan/Logan/Veronica from the early “Veronica Mars.” As for Buffy/Spike/Angel, we considered Buffy’s walk on the wild side to be post-breakup with Angel, as does the show.

Best Sidekick: A spy in need is a friend indeed. “Burn Notice” former SEAL Sam Axe drank up most of your votes.

You considered “Psych’s” Burton Guster a sidekick, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree…

Best Friend(s): …especially since Gus took away the title of best friend. Your write-ins were all over the place, so no clear winner emerged there.

Best Bromance: “Scrubs” wins again, with Turk and J.D. taking the honor. You wished we were a bit more literal, and asked for “Supernatural’s” Winchesters to be added.

Best Pet/Animal: Figures, the boozer would win. “Family Guy” pooch Brian Griffin lapped up the winning spot. Sorry, Eddie, “Frasier” fell outside our timeline rules.

Best Cop: “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” main man Robert Goren took this one. Seeley Booth is a federal agent and not a police officer, so we’re ditching that write-in in favor of “Psych’s” Carlton Lassiter.

Best Private Eye: More love for Veronica Mars: She took this one as well. And you’re right, we should have included “Psych’s” Shawn Spencer.

Best Forensics Expert: “NCIS'” Abby Sciuto solved this mystery. There was no clear frontrunner among the write-ins.

Best Neighbor: It pays to be hot: Penny from “The Big Bang Theory” won. Unfortunately, most of your write-ins were from before our timeline (sorry, Kramer).

Best Villain: And sorry to you, Sylar. Ben Freakin’ Linus from “Lost” grabbed this position, inching out the “Heroes” villain. You also wanted The Master from “Doctor Who.”

Best Mean Girl: What, not mean enough for you? “Gossip Girl’s” Blair Waldorf took this one. You’re right, we could also have included “Buffy’s” bad girl gone good gone bad again Cordelia Chase.

Best Exes: “Burn Notice” former flames Michael and Fiona won your hearts. For the most part, your write-ins agree with us.

Best Lawyer: No objections here; “Boston Legal” attorney Alan Shore won the case. You also wanted Caroline from “Bones” and various members of Wolfram & Hart from “Angel.”

Best Supernatural Entity: The “Moonlight” love is still strong, so it’s no surprise Mick St. John flew away with this title. You were torn between Mick’s cohort Josef and “Buffy” vamp Spike.

Best Superhuman: With Sarah already on the boards, “Chuck” himself took this one. And yes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer — at least, before she activated all the other Chosen — should’ve been included.

Summerglau_terminatorthe_sarahconnorchronicles_290 Best Robot: Besides, that is, my signature dance. “Terminator” killer Cameron owned this category. You loved so much here, there was no substantial write-in opposition.

Best Husband: You said “I do” to “HIMYM’s” Marshall Eriksen. We like your idea of pilot Wash from “Firefly,” too.

Best Psychic/Medium (Real or Fake): We didn’t see this coming: “Psych’s” Shawn Spencer took this one. Your comments show you absolutely loved that choice.

Best Alien: Finally, “Doctor Who’s” The Doctor had his day. Y’all couldn’t agree on anyone more awesome than that.

Best Wife: It’s a matching pair: “HIMYM’s” Lily joined Marshall as the power couple. In a sort of theme, you wished we’d added Wash’s “Firefly” wife Zoe.

Best Animated Character: And the final prize goes to… Homer J. Simpson. We love that some of you think Scooby-Doo didn’t do the bulk of his adventuring until the 2000s.

And there it is, Zap2it’s top television characters of the 2000s. Could someone upset these winners next year? Tune in to find out!

Posted by:Andy Grieser