the deep end abc 320 'The Deep End': Which series regular should be cast elsewhere first?

ABC’s legal dramedy “The Deep End” will air its final episode Thursday night (Feb. 25), and though it hasn’t been officially abandoned by the network, chances are we won’t be seeing the series again.

The numbers haven’t been great and the writing is decent, but the cast includes a lot of stellar talent that shouldn’t go down with this sinking ship. 
Yeah, that’s right Billy Zane, that was a shout-out to you, “Titanic” man.
Now that Zane has come to American television, wouldn’t you like to see him stick around?
And what about the rest of the cast? 

Matt Long from the fabulous-but-gone-too-soon series “Jack & Bobby” deserves a vehicle of his own. I could also see him getting a solid guest starring role on “Brothers & Sisters” too. Or maybe “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes would allow him to stop by Seattle Grace?
Tina Majorino was a stand out on “Veronica Mars” and “Big Love.” It would be great to see her back on “BL,” but even better to celebrate her being cast on a show that can give her a more substantial part.

Mehcad Brooks‘ performance on “Desperate Housewives” was commendable, especially considering the wonky season two storyline he was thrust into, but his character on “True Blood” last year was nothing short of fantastic and definitely memorable. This kid will continue to work, but the question is, when and in what? 
Weigh in below on which “Deep End” actor you’d like to see cast elsewhere first. And after voting, get to the comments section and tell us where you want them to go…

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