1ashleenew What's Ashlee Simpson's diet secret? Don't even think about it!The Dish Rag caught up with Ashlee Simpson last week at the Montrose Suite Hotel in West Hollywood.

She was promoting her new album, ‘Bittersweet World,’ due out in mid-April, and her new single, ‘Out of My Head.’

But we wanted to know about her new tattoo, her new red hair and how she keeps such a rockin’ figure.

DR: Tell us about your new tatt.

Ashlee: "It’s a peony. It’s a flower and my little star is in it too. And it was my last tattoo. I love it. It was really bold. I’m proud of it. I like it [laughs]."

DR: Why’d you dye your hair red?

Ashlee: "I changed to red, gosh, probably four months ago now and, um, I just wanted to. I’m one of those persons, one of those people that I’ll wake up and go, ‘My God, today I’m dying my hair red [laughs]! And I’ve never had [red hair] so I’m doing it. And I do it. You know, luckily I can pull off all types of hair colors so, I like the red. I’m sticking to it [laughs].

DR: You look like you’re in great shape. Do you work out?

Ashlee: "I don’t really work out. I’ll get on the treadmill every now and then. But whenever I’m on tour, any time I’m playing a show, I’m jumping around so much and dancing around so much and, um, you know what, if I’m sitting around at home, I’ll go on walks outside and stuff. You know it’s hard to be in the gym ’cause it’s so boring. I’d rather be outside doing something kind of like dancing around doing something without really thinking about it [laughs] and, um, as far as eating and stuff, I eat pizza and pasta and whatever I want, just in moderation."

DR: You don’t have to watch what you eat? You don’t have to be healthy?

Ashlee: "I don’t. I really don’t. I have a good metabolism [laughs] and I think that’s the good thing about it. I allow myself to eat those things. I don’t like pig out on it. I don’t go like, ‘Finally I can get to eat that.’ I think that it’s all a mind game. If you don’t play that mind game, then you’re just fine [laughs], you’re like, ‘I’m not allowed to eat that,’ then all you want to do is go eat it. So just don’t put that."

OK, but if we think we’re not supposed to put that, then all we want to do is put that.

Photos: Courtesy of Universal

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