Billmaher_larrycharles_The Dish Rag ran into Bill Maher at a screening of his new film “Religulous.”

The film is directed by "Borat" director Larry Charles. 

We wanted to know Maher’s take on Gov. Sarah Palin, her religious beliefs and how will that play into the religious right voting for McCain. 

How much does he need that vote?  Is Palin a ploy to get that vote and then will he shut her up for the next four years? 

Or could she (shudder) end up being president? 

“If McCain wins the White House, it’s going to be because of Sarah Palin’s vast army of religious lunatics that got him there — and then they will own him," Maher, never one to mince words, said. "And then he’ll die. And then she’ll be president. 

"So this is really the time for my rationalist friends to stand up, speak up and take our country back from the forces of organized superstition. God help this country if Palin ever got into any kind of position of power.

"She’s completely and utterly unqualified in every way."   

Gee, Bill. Tell us how you really feel.

To hear more from Bill, click here to see his video chat with the Envelope’s Gold Derby awards expert, Tom O’Neil.

Photo: Bill Maher and Larry Charles at a "Religulous" lunch in New York.

Reporting: Leah Sydney

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead