The Dish Rag snagged "Melrose Place 2.0" hottie Stephanie Jacobsen at the Aussies in Film event this weekend.

So naturally, we had to ask her about the comparisons between the original show's characters to the ones in the new series.

For instance, her character, Lauren Bishop is reportedly a bit like Michael Mancini's Thomas Calabro, a straight-arrow med student who falls on hard times and is forced to pull a Sydney Leighton and have sex for money.

Can't wait to see how this busy girl has the time or the energy for both those activities.

"I personally feel that it's open to interpretation," Stephanie says. "I think everyone in the new 'Melrose' is going to be a new character. Though you'll find echoes  — I  guess — of the originals."

And the echoes of old "MP"?

"I'm a doctor, which is like Michael Mancini's Thomas, and I'm also a prostitute like Laura Leighton's Sydney character."

Echoes. … Which must be the 2.0 word for "imitation."

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Video reporting: Sal Morgan

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead