Jason-Segel-Ed-Helms-Jeff-Who-Lives-At-Home.jpgJeff, Who Lives at Home” opens in March 16 and we got a chance to speak to writers/directors Jay and Mark Duplass, otherwise known as the Duplass brothers. In the film, a man with a failure to launch problem (Jason Segel) dreams of a deeper meaning in his life. Circumstances take him out of his comfort zone and show him a new way of life. Jay and Mark give us a bit of insight into the film and getting Susan Sarandon to improv.

They talk about the small town setting in Baton Rouge and why they needed that for the bigger picture. “We wanted banal because we wanted our character, Jeff, to be able to see the grand machinations and workings of the universe inside of the most mundane things in life, Mark says, “People like me and Jay, we have the world of opportunity opening to us, and we don’t really even stop to look. Jeff,” he says, “can look at boring two story brown building and see ‘Oh my god, my destiny could be in there.'”

Segel’s character is a visionary in the film and he sees things in ways people with a faster paced life just cant. He brings a charm and character to the film that is both lovely, and frustrating to witness. “It’s this guy in his hoodie and in his basketball shorts, and in his wooden paneled basement with his big carbon fiber bong obsessed with and watching the movie ‘Signs.’ It’s really easy to criticize that movie,” Jay says, “but he’s a believer and he wants to believe that the universe has great things in store for  him, and that’s the kinda guy that we can root for.”

They say acting legend Susan Sarandon, who plays Segel’s frustrated mother, was new to improv, but up for anything. “She actually hadn’t done a lot of that and she was kind of nervous herself.  And when she came down it was amazing.  It was kind of like a teenager.  She was just very open, and excited, and nervous, and ready to try anything, and ready to be embarrassed and fall on her face, and make us laugh.”

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