the event 1108 320 'The Event': Evil Hal Holbrookthe event 1108 320 'The Event': Evil Hal HolbrookYou know, I don’t mind the occasional unnamed character. Really, I don’t. It adds a dash of mystery. But I don’t think we need three new ones all added in the same episode. Let’s run them down.

First, there’s the heavyset, white-haired gentleman who might be the mysterious figure responsible for the problems that have beset Sean and Leila. He’s certainly giving orders to that goon we last saw in the FBI office in Yuma. That goon picks up a new team of sub-goons and shows up at — wait.

Sean, Leila, and conspiracy enthusiast Madeline go to meet with her friend the hacker. I don’t know what city they’re in, but since they were in Atlanta in the previous scene, I’m going to assume they’re now in Minneapolis. The unnamed hacker helps Sean decode a notebook they found in Michael’s effects, so their next clue is a list of young girls and a holding company in Los Angeles. This is the place that goon from the previous paragraph shows up at, but the unnamed hacker blows the place up after everyone gets out. Madeline and the hacker vanish, leaving Sean and Leila alone again.

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