Three episodes in, we still haven’t come up with a good name for the possibly alien people on “The Event.”

We can’t call them the Others; “Lost” got there first. “Detainees” doesn’t quite cover it either, since we’ve discovered that at least a few of them are out in the world — including Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.), who has some rather terse words for President Martinez (Blair Underwood) in the above sneak peek of Monday’s (Oct. 11) episode.

We toyed with “Inos,” after the Mt. Inostranka detention facility where the 97 detainees have been held all these years. But for now, and at least until we know more definitively the origin of Thomas and his people, we’re going with NTOs, since the president was told that Thomas and Co. were “not of terrestrial origin” a couple episodes ago.

So, about the clip: Thomas fesses up to taking the plane out of the sky, but he won’t say why he made all its passengers play dead. He does want something, though — for the president to let Sophia (Laura Innes) and the rest of the NTOs go. What we’ve seen of Thomas’ character so far is pretty intriguing; what do you think his real agenda is?

“The Event” airs at 9 p.m. ET Monday on NBC.

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Posted by:Rick Porter