the event 1108 320 'The Event' recap: Bring on the HiatusIf you’ve been paying attention to this season, then this sentence will totally make sense: Sean and Leila kill the goon in the cornfield with a syringe of old-age juice. If you haven’t been paying attention, then there’s not much I can do for you at this point. The point is that the goon, with his dying breath, directs them to a psychiatric hospital, which is located in either Stillwater, Oklahoma, or Los Angeles, California. Or maybe a third place. Once there, they wait around until night and then sneak in, only to find that all the girls have been moved out. They do find evidence that Samantha was there, though.

They also find evidence that Abby’s father is extraordinarily long-lived. Leila poo-poos the idea of aliens at first, but is more willing to consider it when they find the file showing that her own father, Michael Buchanan, has looked the same since 1945. That’s the big cliffhanger.

In other plots, Thomas and Isabel have a secret bank account that Sophia wasn’t told about. They used it to launch a communication satellite, which they appear to be using to communicate with a distant planet. That thing about Vice President Jarvis trying to kill President Martinez is pretty much set aside for the moment, although Jarvis has definitely changed his mind about turning in Mr. Dempsey.

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