event life and death 320 'The Event' recap: Driving Around RandomlySean and Collier escape a gun-waving goon on “The Event” and take a moment to steal Wi-Fi Internet from a crappy convenience store. And since Sean no longer needs to be on-site to hack into the federal database (for some reason), that gives them a lead on one of Vicky’s identities. So it’s off to Lubbock, Texas! Only 871 miles away! The drive takes place entirely between scenes and there’s no mention of the 15 hours of driving that took place, nor do they discuss the law enforcement dragnet that’s presumably looking for them. I mean, Sean’s an escaped fugitive and Collier’s the only survivor of a mass murder at an FBI office. But they just teleport from Yuma to Lubbock. That’s pretty convenient. If you want to go to Lubbock, anyway.

Anyway, Vicky is not in Lubbock. But they find her mother and her son, both of whom get lied to and berated until Sean and Vicky come away with a phone number for Vicky. It’s got a Colorado area code, so I expect they’re going to drive to Boulder (583 miles) before discovering that it’s just a cell phone.

Sean’s phone runs out of battery power just as Leila’s calling him. She’s had quite an experience, but she has to leave a message about all her fun. First she got thrown in a basement with her hands tied together, then she found a piece of broken bottle that she could use to saw away at the rope, then she stole Vicky’s gun and shot her, and then finally she got picked up by some friendly policeman. So it’s kind of a shame that the whole thing was an elaborate sham cooked up by Vicky, her nameless pal (D.B. Sweeney), and the even-more-mysterious person giving her instructions over the phone. They’re apparently trying to get Sean to come to them, which raises the question of why they didn’t just call him directly. Or why Vicky helped him escape from that cruise ship to begin with.

All the Avias Air passengers have woken up from their brief experience with death, although none of them remember anything. And then they eventually develop nosebleeds, which worries President Martinez. He gets even more worried when he discovers that someone managed to sneak a cell phone into his son’s backpack. And that person is the mysterious Thomas, who threatens that if Sophia’s People aren’t freed, People Will Die. This just leads to more scenes of Martinez berating Sophia, who declines to show any emotion whatsoever.

Oh, and the vice president is still unhappy with CIA Director Blake Sterling.

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