the event jason ritter 320 'The Event' recap: InfodumpSophia is starting to have second thoughts about killing 98% of all the humans on the planet. But this doesn’t stop her from going ahead with the plan, which involves spreading the virus in three different ways. For some reason, the three places she plans to infect are “The Eastern Seaboard,” “The Entire United States,” and “The Entire Rest of the World.” It seems like if you need only one virus-spot to infect the entire world, it’s kind of a waste to devote another spot to just infecting a relatively small portion of one country.

Vicky and Sean actually meet up with Simon and Sterling, and aside from some early gun-waving, everyone seems to get along pretty well. They hack into an NSA satellite archive and track Beardo back to the Alien Garage, but by the time they get there, almost everyone’s gone. They do find Leila, who’s dying of the superflu, and she and Sean have a pretty good scene where she tells him that she has to stay in the clean room or he’ll die. Meanwhile, the professional spies are threatening the nefarious Doctor Lu so they can get her laptop password. They don’t know what the alien plans are, but they know they’re on the laptop somewhere, so that’s something of a cliffhanger.

And in Vengeful President news, Martinez has basically recovered. In fact, he’s so recovered that he’s able to walk back into the Oval Office (on canes) and threaten Jarvis. Jarvis says Martinez can’t be president again until the cabinet says so, and they might be a little leery about doing that what with the multiple strokes. This affects the alien plot, because Jarvis is having the NSA make a satellite look away while Sophia portals her billions of people over. So that, too, is a cliffhanger.

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