the event 1108 320 'The Event' recap: Okay, Almost Definitely AliensSean and Leila drive from Atlanta to Tulsa in the space of a scene, but at least this time one of them mentions that it took 12 hours. They get a new car somewhere along the way, too. And they’re in contact with Agent Collier. Is Sean still wanted for murder? No idea. That was a plot point from a few episodes ago, which means that the show has forgotten all about it.

They go to Tulsa, because there’s a girl there who escaped from the girls-who-look-like-old-ladies room. Her family doesn’t want to talk about it, but Sean and Leila follow them to a gas station where Leila can corner the girl in a bathroom. She learns about a triangle and a tower, which is probably all she needs. I hope it is, because Just Then! a goon appears to wave a gun and try to kill people. But Sean hits him with a rock and learns that he was after Leila, not the kid.

In the Presidential Assassination plot, Jarvis survived the car bomb. But he doesn’t come to until the end of the episode, by which time his wife and children have been threatened. That’s about it.

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