the event jason ritter 320 'The Event' recap: OMG Zombies!On “The Event,” Sean escapes from custody by sheer luck when an RV plows into the car he’s in. He saves the lady FBI agent (who turns out to be named Collier, although I kept hearing it as “Claire”) so he can use her computer to hack into the FBI database and prove that Vicky Roberts is a person. Then he gets arrested again, which just means that he has to escape by sheer luck twice in one episode. The second time is because goons show up trying to claim Sean as a prisoner transfer, but things go wrong and the entire Yuma FBI office gets machine-gunned to death. But at least Sean and Collier escape!

President Martinez, when he’s not flying back and forth across the country so he can appear in scenes in both Yuma and Washington, DC, has cooked up a scheme where he offers freedom to any detainee who will come forward and tell him about the mysterious undetained detainees. One squirrelly guy named William takes the deal, but only if his girlfriend can come along. Sterling allows it, then the girlfriend gives William the ol’ shiv-in-the-breadbasket routine. So that was kind of a bust, but Martinez and Sophia got some good staring in during this week’s interrogation scene.

Vicky’s got Leila all tied up with tape in the back of her van. She takes time out to kill a cop, but her main job seems to be smirking at Leila as she shoves her into storage containers and things like that. All this time, Vicky’s been assuming that Sean was a useless jerk, but his secret computer-hacking skills are turning out to be a real problem for whatever dopey plan it is that she’s got going on. So Leila survives, although she does get punched in the face.

And then! The two hundred dead passengers start to wake up, which kind of freaks out the young soldier who was assigned to watch over their corpses. Like his assignment wasn’t creepy enough, right? Anyway, now we get to add “zombies” to the list of things this show might be about.

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