clifton collins event 320 'The Event' recap: Our Plucky HeroThe people on the aliens’ home planet have sent a radio message back already, which is impressive when you remember that they’re ten thousand light years away. Thomas finds this message disturbing and gathers all of Them in one place. It’s so important, he even calls Sophia and gets her to come. Unfortunately for them, this alerts Martinez to Sophia’s exact position, so there are a bunch of Marine snipers surrounding the cathedral where Thomas is making his announcement. And that announcement? Oh, just a little matter of a supernova back on the home front. It’s going to be a problem in a few weeks, apparently, so they need to get together on the plan to portal everyone to Earth.

Sean, meanwhile, has apparently decided that it’s no fun being the good guy. At least, that’s the only way I can interpret his decision to threaten Vicky’s mother and son with certain death unless she helps him take down the conspiracy. Vice President Jarvis is back from the hospital, so they decide to infiltrate a party he’s having. This involves stealing the identities of a couple of innocent stooges, but Sean won’t let Vicky shoot them. No, he just hits them over the head with a gun, sending them to sleepytime dreamland with sleepytime concussions. When they get into the party, they get Jarvis alone so that Sean can wave a gun around and act twitchy. But they finally get the news: Dempsey has flown to France. Was that worth it?

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