jason ritter2 event 320 'The Event' recap: Scenes from a MallBlake Sterling, now out of a job, is just sitting around at home chain-smoking. Luckily, that’s exactly where Simon Lee comes looking for him. They team up and sneak out from under the watchful eye of the CIA in an attempt to get the counter-agent (that’s what this show is calling the antidote) to President Martinez. Luckily, Jarvis is easily duped, so the First Lady dupes him into blowing up a warehouse while she injects the President. It’s definitely starting to look like she really isn’t an alien.

Meanwhile, Sean and Vicky are hot on the trail of Alex, the Russian Courier. She goes straight from the airport to a local mall, where she proceeds to attach a complicated device to the air recirculation machinery. She has a friend, but he’s just there to get involved in a gunfight and then die. Then she escapes, so Sean has to disable the device. It’s not a bomb, so he could just disconnect it from the air ducts, but he decides to stall for awhile and then shoot it. It works! But Alex has poisoned a bus-full of people, so Sophia still has her valuable data about how quickly people die.

Speaking of Sophia, she’s relocated her people from Alientown to a parking garage or warehouse or something. There, she spends most of her time getting angry over the phone at people in other subplots, although she does block out some time to get angry at Leila in person. And at the end of the episode, she and Doctor Lu infect Leila with the superflu, which I’m pretty sure is a bad idea.

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