jason ritter2 event 320 'The Event' recap: Start Over!Hey, we’re back! The big broadcast from that communications satellite turns out to have been “Preparations are being made for your arrival,” which means that everyone assumes there are more aliens coming. Oh: and it’s relatively official that they’re aliens.

In the Sean and Leila arena, things start moving a lot quicker: they find and rescue Samantha, and are then reunited with Leila’s father. That’s Michael Buchanan, who flew the plane that was supposed to smash into the president.. So the whole Buchanan family is reunited! Except for Mrs. Buchanan, who got shot dead in the first episode and has hardly been mentioned since.

In “new post-hiatus plots,” we’ve got an Alaskan Senator who’s nosing around the Inostranka facility. She’ll matter more in later episodes. More immediately, Thomas has decided to bust everybody out of Inostranka, presumably so that everyone can stop flying up there for one scene per episode.

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