jason ritter2 event 320 'The Event' recap: Too Soon!Thomas has a double-blind scheme to trick Sophia into giving disinformation to President Martinez so that he can steal the raw materials he needs to create a portal to the home planet. That’s all fine. But the raw material he’s stealing turns out to be uranium from the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, so there’s a lot of talk about how bad a nuclear meltdown would be. Frankly, I’ve heard enough about Chernobyl this week, so I wasn’t delighted to run into it in a fictional context.

Luckily, Thomas didn’t really want to cause a meltdown. He wanted to ambush a Uranium Convoy and machine-gun a bunch of people to death. That’s much better! He also wanted a creepy dude with a melted face to strangle Sophia, but that part didn’t quite come off.

Meanwhile, Sean and Leila have been split up but are still pretty boring. Leila discovers that her new foster family (where she’s staying while Michael runs around with Sophia) doesn’t like filthy half-humans and think that she might have to get exterminated with the rest of us. And Sean tries to give up, but he gets beat up by a guy in a bar and receives a pep talk from a lady with a sandwich. So that motivates him to hunt up Vicky and threaten to shut down that whole conspiracy. Good luck!

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