the event face off 320 'The Event' recap: Trans Siberian RailwaySean and Vicky take a train from France to Siberia and get there just in time to find out that the aliens plan to kill all humans by means of the Spanish Flu. They dug up a frozen Russian soldier who died of it during World War I and are about to fly his lungs back to the United States. It’s a race against time! Apparently! Although if it is, time is going to lose because Sean has the ability to get anyplace in the world in the space of one scene.

Leila, meanwhile, has gotten in trouble with her father for unauthorized phone calls. But he can’t bring himself to turn her over to Sophia, so he kills Luis and stuffs him into a trash bag. Well, a couple of trash bags, really, because Luis was kind of a big guy.

And in the main plot, Jarvis has successfully poisoned President Martinez, who goes to the hospital with an apparent stroke. Blake Sterling and Chief of Staff Richard Peel desperately try to find proof that Jarvis was responsible, but they aren’t fast enough to keep him from being named Temporary President.

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