the event jason ritter 320 'The Event' recap: Welcome to YumaOn “The Event”: The prisoner release is off. Apparently the President has decided that if the detainees have the power to vanish entire airplanes, maybe it’s not the best idea to just send them off into the general population. We do learn something about the detainees: they age very slowly. So add “Well, maybe they’re Highlanders!” to the list. And the ones that aren’t in a secret Alaskan prison have the power to vanish airplanes, but we think we learned that last week. And Sterling says they’re aliens, but he might be guessing.

A bit of last episode’s back story gets explained here and there. Michael Buchanan was forced to fly the plane by a mysterious organization that kidnapped Leila off that cruise. It looks like Vicki was involved, but Dude wasn’t. That skeptical security guard was totally involved, incidentally.

Sean continues to be a frantic ninny who’s terrible at convincing people to do things. After the plane pops back into existence over the Arizona desert, he runs away from the other passengers just because a squadron of ominous black helicopters were showing up to kill everyone. Then he wanders through the desert until he collapses. Your hero, ladies and gentlemen!

Sean comes to in a hospital outside Yuma and promptly gets picked up by the cops because he’s wanted for the murder of Greg “Dude” Kervin back on the cruise. He begs a pair of detectives to listen to him, but they are sarcastic jerks. We hate people like that!

With a nonlinear show like this, it’s hard to make sure everything gets summarized. But we think that’s everything … oh! Except that Simon Lee turns out to be a double agent! He’s one of the long-lived detainees (except that he’s not a detainee, if you get what we mean; he crash-landed with the rest of them in 1944, but he got away before the Feds showed up and locked 97 of them up) and he became a CIA agent by hiding a fake vein in his arm. And Sterling has just put Simon in charge of the search for more of these mysterious people who are almost (but not quite) indistinguishable from regular folks. We’re going to need a better name for that. And we think “Cylon” is already taken.

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