jason ritter2 event 320 'The Event' return pushed back a week, but extended to two hoursThe return of “The Event” to NBC is happening a little later than originally planned. On the other hand, it will last a little longer.

NBC says the show will be back on its Monday-night schedule on March 7. That’s a week later than what the network initially planned when it laid out its midseason schedule but will allow “The Cape” — which just had its episode order trimmed from 13 to 10 — to complete its run.

Fans will be rewarded for waiting an extra week with a two-hour episode. It’s scheduled to air from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on March 7, giving “Chuck” a week off.

While we still don’t know what the Event is, creator Nick Wauters and his fellow producers have promised to reveal it before the end of the season. The show will also welcome Virginia Madsen in a recurring part in the back half of its run.

To help pass the time until “The Event” does come back, take a look at the videos below, in which star Jason Ritter takes you through his typical (or not) day on the set.

Posted by:Rick Porter