the event review 320 'The Event': Zap2it readers weigh in on NBC's new show“The Event” drew a pretty good-sized audience for its premiere Monday (Sept. 20) — and also a lot of reaction from Zap2it readers.

Reaction to the series premiere — which set up a multi-pronged conspiracy involving the president (Blair Underwood), a regular guy (Jason Ritter) and a mysterious detainee (Laura Innes), among others — was pretty evenly divided among those who were hooked and those who were out after the first hour. A few of you have some thoughts on what’s behind the pilot’s episode-ending twist as well.

One thing most of you seem to agree on, though? That the time-jumping needs to calm down a little in future episodes. Here’s a sampling of some of your thoughts.

The good

“I liked it quite a bit. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week. Great show. I’m not a fan of all the time jumping though. That’s a bit annoying.” – JettaJameson

“I definitely had to pay attention the whole time, the action and drama kept me focused to see what was coming. I suspected something “interesting” was up with Sophia and the others but that ending hooked me good. The show has a ’24’ and ‘Fringe’ feel so far. I LIKE IT.” – tamberly

“Definitely some interesting stories — can’t wait to see how they tie together. What hooked me in for more eps was the plane disappearing. Didn’t see it coming.” – backward E

“Very good start. The jumping around was necessary for the pilot but I hope it gets toned down a little going forward. Might take a few episodes. The show was sold as a 5 season arc so here’s hoping that’s true and we get those seasons.” – Mike

The bad

“If the rest of the series is in this format, forget it. Way too much jumping around and way too little progress in the plot. These new shows are like the old soap operas, very slow developing, no answers and nothing ever gets resolved. Plot is interesting but if they don’t progress more per episode I’ll pass.” – Ray

“That was the loudest airplane in history! It created an apparent earthquake and created wind gusts of 40+ mph in a location it hadn’t even reached yet! All those people covering their ears in terror as the plane engines roared from 2 miles away. LOL. I also loved how they hustled the President and family into the car and then just sat there, watching the plane fly towards them. Maybe the driver should crank up the engine and hit the gas! What a lot of hot air.” – Cornelius

“The show that I will be watching at 9pm on Mondays this fall is not… THE EVENT.” – Rorschach

The theories

“From what I’ve seen and read, I’m thinking this series may introduce the little known ‘Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox’ to the television viewing masses. The doctrine tells of future beings coming back to their past at various times, for the purposes of either preventing or causing changes in the earth’s time-space continuum. Such a subject matter would also require the introduction of “Exopolitics” (human to space-time aliens). Consider the characters and events: disappearances of people and planes, president, CIA, prisoners. All the pieces could fit.” – Bryce

“ALIENS!” – Cody Hall

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Posted by:Rick Porter