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A former junior Olympian in volleyball and international model, 26-year-old Taylor Cole is currently heating up our screens as Vicky Wallace on NBC’s new hit, “The Event.”
In the premiere episode, she acted as the ideal distraction for Jason Ritter’s Sean Walker. When he returned from their day of fun and sun, he found that his whole world had disappeared on him. 
That was the first sign that the beauty wasn’t who she appeared to be. In Monday’s Sept. 27 episode, the truth about the mysterious Vicky will begin to unravel.
While her character is shrouded in secrecy, the native Texan took some time out of her busy shooting schedule to disclose some fun facts about herself for Zap2it’s Celeb Slam Book.
From her youthful obsession for a boy with braces to her worst habits, check out what Cole owned up to:
1.) Who was the first boy you kissed?
Chris, who was my best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend and he was super cool, because he played the guitar. That was just a peck, though. My real first kiss was Stuart Frazier and he had braces and I wanted him every day after!
2.) What is your deepest fear?
Letting someone down.
3.) If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Probably the person who invented the bend in the straw. I would love to tell them thank you.

the event nbc taylor cole 2 'The Event's' Taylor Cole: How braces drove her nuts plus 10 more confessions

4.) Favorite thing to do in your free time?
Play with my little brother and my dog, Maddox — pool, golf, ping-pong, volleyball and anything competitive.
5.) Which celebrity do you find most attractive?
Paul Newman in “Cool Hand Luke” — talent is sexy — not to mention he is beautiful to look at.
6.) What super power would you like to have?
Teleporting, because I’m almost always late.
7.) Worst habit/trait?
Tardiness and I’m terrible with names.
8.) Favorite alcoholic/non alcoholic drink?
Single Barrel Jack — hands down! And Rockstar lemonade.
9.) Most embarrassing moment?
Running in general… Trust me, it is embarrassing.
10.) What clique did you fall into in middle school?
I went to a Catholic school with 40 kids total. There were no cliques, but I suppose I was the “sporty good girl.”
11.) If you had to choose another career, what would you be?
Pro golfer. I grew up playing golf and if I were ever good enough to play professionally I would get to travel the world while playing a sport I love.
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