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Finally, Calvin gets some real competition on the “The Fashion Show!” In Tuesday’s (Dec. 14) episode, the typically crabby Calvin went against not one, but two “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and lived to tell about it.
We are typically very annoyed by Calvin’s indiscernible tantrums when it’s aimed at one of his teammates, but this time he had some worthy opponents. 
He was matched up with Teresa Giudice who came in knowing what she wanted. Regardless, Calvin made her two dresses. We’re not sure why, since he seemed happy with his first design. Look at us trying to make sense of Calvin. There is no sense to Calvin. But, then Teresa couldn’t make a decision between the two, so Calvin very forcefully made it for her. We waited for her eyes to gloss over right before she threw a table at the designer, but it seemed she was happy to have someone else make the choice for her.
Meanwhile, David was having a hard time with Caroline Manzo’s dress. He picked a shade of green that made her look like “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” rather than “Caroline Manzo: Thick as thieves.” The gowns were supposed to be something the gals could wear to The Met, but David’s color choice and the pointed collar made Caroline look more like she’s going to star on Broadway… in “Peter Pan.”

real housewives fashion show caroline 250 'The Fashion Show': Calvin says 'hell to the no,' Jersey housewives

After Calvin gave David very little help in fixing the garment and since Dominique was having a breakdown, Eduardo came to David’s help and suggested he cover the dress in chiffon. 
Right before the show, though, Caroline and Calvin got into it over her concern that the new dress wouldn’t be finished by show time. He stood up to her for a hot minute, but when push came to shove, he ran off rather than facing her down. Score one for the housewives. But, boom, the dress was completed and Caroline looked stunning in the new creation.
When it came down to it, David and Eduardo had the best dresses of the bunch, but Eduardo walked away with another win.
Over at The House of Emerald, they had a problem with overconfidence. We don’t blame them, since it looked like Nami was at dire straits. Golnessa seemed to have the worst time figuring out how to construct her dress design and became the weakest link. This wouldn’t be the first time, let’s be honest. She has been struggling for a couple weeks now. Luckily for her, Cesar was there to give her guidance. But was it too little, too late? Yes. Golnessa’s dress made her client look like a mermaid who had been dragged to shore.
Oh, yeah, “The Housewives of Snore-ange County” were House of Emerald’s clients. For more on them, go to
Did Calvin keep it “Real” or what?
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