Cast_thefashionshow_290 The winner of 'The Fashion Show' is already decided, thanks to the voting audience. So what do we see tonight? THE DIRT!

The show starts with the 12 eliminated designers, and notes that Angel is wearing her double shirt dress (which is still wonderful) and Andrew is a true panty-christ, having his underwear line sales skyrocketing in response to the show. And so begins the dirt flinging. Andrew doesn't agree with an elimination that he describes as 'The Nightmare Before Christmas dress' Lydia made compared to his own 'very sellable dress'. But Isaac sums it up perfectly when he says there were thousands of ways to fail – and they preferred Lydia's failure to his.

The show is intercut with retrospectives of the final 4 designers, but they really don't show anything new. However, before they start Reco's roll, they bring out the top 3 remaining designers, which seems to quell any dirt talking that might occur. Except for what comes from viewer emails. Like the one who asks if all the judges were hitting the same crack pipe when they eliminated Reco. They stand firm behind their decision and Reco announces that he has so many opportunities that he is fine with being in fourth place. He doesn't sound very fine with it, though.

There is a great montage of the strange fashions of the designers wore themselves, like Daniella as a twisted pilgrim, Johnny as Fred Flintstone, Haven as an extra on Falcon Crest and Merlin as….well….just Merlin. And speaking of, Merlin and Johnny both created "decoy collections" to throw the press off the scent of who the real finalists were. It's a trick they picked up from 'Project Runway', but unlike PR, we get to see these decoy collections.

What can I say about Merlin's collection? Simply, that I have seen the future of South Beach. And it is terrifying. It is not fashion…it is an acid trip nightmare in Rio. As for Johnny, he didn't push the boundaries of taste. He tripped and broke them. Those were not dresses. They were shirts without pants. And unless those girls were getting ready for a gynecological exam, they needed pants. Or skirts. Or something. A brazilian wax should not be required for any article of clothing that is outwear and not a bathing suit.

Jamespaul_thefashionshow_290 We find out that Kristin doesn't regret quitting so early, that Anna doesn't consider herself a TV personality and see a super montage of the designers ripping apart each others work. Also, the S&M gear in James Paul's collection was made by Pakistani women who had no idea what they were creating. Which is strange and amusing and slightly politically uncomfortable all at once. There is also a little to-do over James Paul's idea to cover the shoes of his models by pulling stockings over them, however I have to note that the costume department for 'Aeon Flux' did the same. I am not sure why I know that, but I do.

Of course, they can only stall and show left over footage for so long. It's time to hand out some money, with the first award being the Judge's Choice. It's given the Daniella and Glenda offers to introduce her to designers she would work well with in addition to the $10,000. I think those introductions are probably worth more than the cash, especially since Daniella is so young. It's like being handed a key to the door, rather than just getting your foot in there.

The Grand Prize, voted on by the viewing audience, goes to the designer who really created the most sellable work – Anna. It's not very shocking, after Reco was dispatched. While James Paul was the designer's designer, Anna created things women want to wear today. She was just as sweetly accepting of the top prize as we would expect, but I rather wish we would get to see a bit more about where the top 4 are in six months.

What were your favorite clips? Did anyone else notice that Merlin did not raise his hand when Fern asked how many were planning on staying friends with each other? Did you agree with the winner? Do you plan on watching next season, or are you heading the Team 'Project Runway', never to return? In truth, I enjoyed this show more than I expected. But I am tuning in to 'Project Runway' in August too!

Posted by:Jessica Paff