fashion show jeff tamara bodies 'The Fashion Show': Its schmuck runneth over

After Episode 1 of Bravo’s “The Fashion Show,” we thought we only had one person to worry about: Calvin, who as Cesar so deftly pointed out, may be just another Asian drama queen. We were secure in our dislike for him, but then others stepped up in Tuesday’s (Nov. 16) episode hoping to out-creep the creeper.
First there was Mike. Oh, Mike showed some creep in the last episode when he designed a dress for host/judge Iman that incorporated a noose without any thought to the socio-historical significance of such an item in our history. Yet, with all his big talk of having just as many ideas as Cesar, the guy couldn’t get it together in this episode. Instead of completing his dress, he fell apart, walked out and left his house to pick up after him. And leaving one’s team like that is really the worse thing anyone can do in our book. Plus he robbed us of the perverse joy of watching someone get a tongue-lashing from Iman and then eliminated in this episode and that’s never okay.
We then had a surprise entry for the schmuck position when Tamara (the young Black woman with the unfortunate haircut) decided to rebel against the group. She seemed to suddenly side with Calvin for some reason and designed a dress that wasn’t cohesive with the other designers’ pieces. In the end, we’ll see how far that miscalculation gets her now that Calvin is no longer on her team and she’s left with Cindy and Golnessa. Anyone think she’s jealous of their closeness? She sure pointed it out enough times.
fashion show david bodies 'The Fashion Show': Its schmuck runneth over
You see it, right? I was really inspired by dead vaginas.
We also have a write-in vote for the show’s schmuck. Sure, he seems to be the only eye candy in the cast and he plays a mighty fine harmonica, but David, please. We can’t stand his constant need to talk about his “heterosexuality” in a very gay industry like fashion design and we certainly didn’t need to hear him talking about his love for the vagina – especially while surrounded by carcasses. 
Who do you think is the biggest schmuck in the competition right now?

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