fashion show finale winner jeffrey dominique calvin 'The Fashion Show': Jeffrey wins with a collection inspired by his late mother

After an exhausting week of designing on the finale of Bravo’s “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection,” supermodel Iman and her less interesting judging cohorts named their winner. And Zap2it readers, you picked correctly.
Congratulations goes to Jeffrey!
Jeffrey walked away with the win after a stunning fashion show that judge Isaac Mizrahi compared to “an orgasm” for how it built to a big finale dress – a red gown with a long, flowing back. Guest judge Mary J. Blige said she would wear every design he sent down the runway.
It looked touch and go there for a while. With only two days to go, Jeffrey had very little to show for the previous few days of work. Calvin had basically finished his collection and made sure everyone knew. To top it off, the judges threw in a twist. On top of the nine looks the designers were already working on, they threw in a judges’ pick. Jeffrey persevered through the curve ball (as he had been doing the entire competition) and snagged the win.

fashion show jeffrey wins bravo 'The Fashion Show': Jeffrey wins with a collection inspired by his late mother

He pulled inspiration from his late mother, who he credited for raising him well and instilling all the caring parts about him. Her favorite color was red, which Isaac encouraged him not to shy away from, but instead be bold about it. And Jeffrey did just that.
Calvin was the runner-up, which is a major coup for the designer whose season will be characterized by quarrels, a lack of teamwork and never having won a challenge. He toned down his usual overworked pieces with convertible uses and delivered a beautifully simple collection of black and grays with a final red look he dedicated to his ill partner.
Tied with Jeffrey with two wins, Dominique was on a winning streak. She decided to work with dyed fabrics in a homage to eliminated contestant, Cesar, the den mother for the competition and a favorite to win. She created some beautiful looks representing her journey in the competition. In the end, the panel felt some of her designs were unflattering to women’s bodies and needed some editing.
Are you happy for Jeffrey? Or do you think the judges made the wrong decision?
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