finally freed to designers to fly or fail on their own. Or, in Reco's case, flail and cheer.

The Mini Challenge – It's all about shoes. Making them, that is. An interesting concept, but it comes off very school-project like to me, what with the blue and felt and ribbons. Andrew's shoe looks suspiciously like Reco's shoe in the minds of many, since they each use fringe but Johnny takes the win. And if you so desire, you can purchase that shoe on Bravo's website. I am rather curious about how much money Bravo will be making on these products available online.

The Elimination Challenge – The designers are brought to Bergdorf Goodman's shoe department. They are given 5 minutes to pick a shoe that will inspire their design. A feat (feat! I couldn't resist!) most of the designers manage. Except Angel, who is handed a pair of red, white, and blue wedges with a nautical theme. There are only 2 groups of humans who wear red, white and blue nautical themed clothing without a hint of irony: toddlers and yuppies summering in the Hamptons. Get ready for some crisp white with perhaps a silk neck scarf.

While the designer's work, Reco seems determined to be as arrogantly irritating as possible. Especially with Danielle, who's skin he is seriously trying to get beneath. And it;s working, which is fun to watch. Like when he tells her that her dress is too simple before he goes to take a nap because his dress is done. Everyone also seems to focus on how Andrew's pleating is similar to the pleating Anna used in her skirt two challenges ago. Which is true in that they were horizontal, but not much else.

Keith's organza petal dress has a lot more detail then I expected and is quite pretty in theory. But I can't imagine a real person wearing it. Andrew's press is also quite pretty, ends up looking nothing like Anna's skirt, but is also like a collection of fashion cliches. Haven's shoe must be what Reco and Andrew both copied off of, because it has fringe. Her dress is pretty boring, even with the hot ping poofy bib in front.

Merlin. Oh dear god. Has the mothership landed? It's incredibly literal- or as Isaac says – he just made the embellishment on the front of the shoe big enough for the model to wear. Johnny describes his look as young, but the brown stripe atop the deep purple ruffle seems oppressive to me. James Paul turns in another interesting design with structural elements, but that's becoming what I expect of him.

Lidia's dress is this weeks hot mess. And given what Merlin did, that says a lot – but at least Merlin's looked well made, if utterly bizarre. This looks like a homemade prom dress from 1992 made by the goth girl trying to break out of her comfort zone and not succeeding. Daniella gives us another gorgeous outfit that is well tailored and fashion forward, especially given the length of the dress with the style of shoe she paired it with.

Angel gives us the Hamptons ready crisp white shirt dress – with a wicked twist. It's two shirts – both well designed – sewn together at the hem and twisted into a dress. It's the most out-of-the-box item on the runway, for sure and bravo to her for pulling it off. Last but not least is Reco, who proves that his attitude, while annoying, is not unmerited. While his little black dress is a bit too skimpy for any normal female not interested in looking ready for a gynecological exam, it's a mix of blocked texture, structure, and elegance that somehow matches perfectly with the architectural bootie and mesh head piece.

The audience favorites were my own as well; Reco, Danielle and Angel. While I would have given it to Angel, Reco takes the win. Alas, no siamese shirt dresses for us. The bottom two are Lidia and Andrew. Which seems weird and I suspect it has a lot to do with Daniella accusing him of stealing ideas last week. While Andrew's dress was boring, so was Haven's, and Lidia's was just god-awful. Yet, it is Andrew who is sent packing, despite the clear marketability of his safe design. Which makes it even more ironic the preview shows Isaac saying next week's challenge is about designing for real women. You know, the one's who would wear dresses like what Andrew made and not the stick insects who can pull off what Reco did.

Do you agree with Andrew being sent home? Is this competition between more people that Daniella and Reco? Are you enjoying the mini challenges or do you wish they would just get to the big stuff?

Posted by:Jessica Paff