fashion show david hamptons train wreck 'The Fashion Show': One man's junk is a Hampton woman's worst nightmare

The challenge this week on “The Fashion Show” was meant to test just how creative our ragamuffins (as we affectionately call them) can be. The answer? Not much.
This was a classic challenge for “Project Runway.” Making fashion from found items goes back to its first season. But for the ragamuffins of “The Fashion Show,” the concept was a bit out of their reach. Items found at a train station’s Lost and Found department would have been a dream challenge for the “Runway” contestants — at least there was actual fabric involved and not flowers or kitchen items, etc.
We also had a switch go down where David and Jeffrey traded houses. That was mostly interesting, because it split up a budding love affair. David and Dominique were getting too PDA for us, anyway. We think the TV gods manufactured that switch for the fans and we give our hearty thanks!
Then, we saw the power dynamics in play. Cesar and (not so surprisingly) Calvin were drunk with power. Cesar had begun to believe his own hype and went on to make two swimsuits that were poorly tailored and didn’t fit the collection. When his team tried to tell him, he wouldn’t listen.

That’s expected of Calvin, but even he reached a whole new level of nuts when he decided that his mess of an outfit was completed and went on to create what Frankenstein’s bride might consider wearing if it was laundry day.
He wasn’t alone. Most of the designers took a sleeve off here, added buttons there and basically failed to reinvent the items. A coat was still a coat and a shirt was basically still a shirt.

fashion show bravo calvin jeffrey 'The Fashion Show': One man's junk is a Hampton woman's worst nightmare
Help, he’s biting me. He’s losing it. Anyone, help! Oh, hell to the no.

In the end, the judges couldn’t stomach either line, but they had to pick one for the win. House of Nami probably took the competition, because their dark color palette hid the full horrifying details of their collection. Dominique, who actually turned umbrellas into a dress, took the top spot for at least understanding the purpose of the challenge.
In the end, David didn’t have Calvin’s constant insults (and let’s face it, design help) to reel in his bad taste and he went safari overboard. It looked as if a bag lady blew up and his model was inside. That forced a disgusted Iman to wonder if he should be allowed to offend her tastes again. Thankfully for her and us, David was eliminated.
He didn’t go without leaving us one more obscure nugget: “If this whole experience were a nutshell, it’d be a pecan. Those nuts are unbreakable… So, there’s a lot of good stuff inside. Some of the sweetest nuts you’ll ever eat.”
We guess we should be thankful it wasn’t about vaginas again. Or was it?
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