How did you all like Bravo’s second season reboot of “The Fashion Show”
Didn’t Iman just make all the low-budget smoke and mirrors just worth it? We did warn you earlier that the contestants are a bit rough around the edges. Fine, they’re straight-up ragamuffins. Could some of them have at least picked up a comb on the way in to the studio?
Regardless, Iman’s “tomato-tomahto” argument with Calvin? Worth it. What about when she cut off fellow judge, Harpers Bazaar’s Laura Brown, with, “It’s a fashion emergency and it needs an e-vahc-uation.” Oh, Iman. We adore you. We can already tell that Calvin will be the source of a lot of drama and even more cries of “huh, what’d he say?”
fashion show bravo premiere jeffery 'The Fashion Show' premiere: Iman gets mall'd
Don’t stress yourself out, Jeffrey. Just remember “W.W.P.D.” What would Prince do?
Calvin was in the bottom two along with his arch-nemesis, Francine. It seems both of them created pieces that were too cheap for Iman. The judges felt Francine’s dress was more appropriate for a mall store like Strawberries or Forever 21. On the other hand, Calvin created a dress that was cheap like a bad Christmas tree – too many shiny trimmings. But in the end, Francine was sent to pack up her sewing kit.
Do you agree with Francine’s elimination? Or should Calvin have gone back to wherever it is he says people line up to buy his clothing?

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