' designers faced the challenge of the real woman. Who is apparently Satan.

I loved the curve ball of the Mini Challenge this week. The designers are shown one of Isaac's recent designs and told that they will have to prove an eye for detail by sketching from memory. It isn't until Kelly leaves to put the dress away that they are told it is her dress they will have to sketch. Keith doesn't even get the color right, while Isaac declares Johnny "an idiot savant of belts" for his attention to the tiniest details there. But it is Daniella that takes the win and earns the right to put one of her fellow designers in the bottom three. Which seems like not that great a prize to me, but a wonderful way to make enemies.

The Elimination Challenge is about making clothes for real women, flaws and all. James Paul scoffs that asking him to design clothes for non-models is "like asking Jesus Christ to work with Satan." Which not only shows some serious delusions of grandeur, but also manages to alienate consumers. Angel, Reco and Keith are the only designers to take the challenge in stride, which is weird since two of them end up in bottom 3.

But Daniella is the one who comes unglued. As she talks to her model, she asks her what outfits tend to flatter her the most. As a designer, shouldn't that be her area of expertise? Instead of embracing he challenge, she literally hides her face in her floppy hat and sobs about how unfair it is. When Isaac points out that her model is far from huge and that she's acting sizest, she argues while pouting.

Granted, I am no fashion designer and couldn't tell you the first thing about operating a sewing machine. All the same, I know that a v-neck adds length, a high, defined waist adds shape and a skirt that flows away from the body gives curves while covering flaws. Why then, do most of the designers send out pieces that are high necked, no waist and tight skirted?

Keith's dress looks like a rumpled mess that accentuates nothing other than his poor ability. Johnny's model looks like a hooker from 1983. Anna's outfit offers a terrible fit, especially through the waist. Haven manages to show a garment that doesn't look like it was sewn by a chimp and is a great color – but I struggle to figure out what is going on around the model's neck. Angel's dress looks like a cross between a wilted flower and a bruise. Daniella, on the other hand, turns out a stunning navy coat and little black dress that show wonderful tailoring and great movement as well as forward design.

James Paul's look is a frumpy black and white block that neither moves not gives his model any shape whatsoever. Unless "nightmare" is a shape. Lidia's outfit redeems her from last week in ever regard except the fit at the waist, which puckers oddly. But when it comes to the waist, Merlin is the worst offender, who shows how unforgiving taffeta is by giving his model a horribly noticeable pooch and then showcasing it with a short jacket. Reco saves the runway with his final piece that is impeccably fit, with all the darts and piping lining up to perfection. It's a little last year's Bebe, but I liked last year's Bebe, so it doesn't bother me.

Daniella and Reco are clearly the best and the judges give the win to Daniella. Her choice for the bottom is Angel, who is joined by Merlin and Keith. The judges still believe that Merlin has "it", so he is safe. Angel's design, at least being an attempt at something forward, is seen as the better alternative to Keith's poorly constructed, ill fit, and sloppy junior prom dress. They are just not buying that red mess.

Did you think Keith's design lacked vision? What is the "is" that Merlin has? Will Angel ever be able to complete a design before the Runway?

Posted by:Jessica Paff