The runway show comes off better than anyone expected. Johnny's jockette is embarrassingly off the mark, of course. But Anna's sleek goth and Haven's fashionable skater immediately make up for it with smart fabric choices and details that capture the essence of the inspiration. I love the idea of Reco's grown up "Juliette", matching the ephemeral empire dress with a perfectly fitted heavy plaid mini-vest. But the dress takes the mini too far into trashy for me.

James Paul's isn't very preppy, but is very fashion forward, so he's forgiven. Merlin's is surprisingly apropos for a "Mean Girl", marrying just enough edge to it's frilly-flirtiness. Lidia's nerd too literal, with the smock and high collar. Meanwhile, Daniella's tree-hugger has pants that should be burned immediately, but from the waist up? I would but it all in heartbeat. And then there's Angel. It's bad. Very, very bad. From the wool, fitted slacks, with one leg shorter than the other, to the puffy, shiny, teal vest, it's a horrible costume mockery of hip hop fashion.

Haven and Merlin end up with the top slots for the night, which seems to shock the hell out of Haven. Which speaks volumes about her self-confidence. Merlin takes the win and he can't resist checking out the looks on Reco and Daniella's faces, which he categorizes as a true polaroid moment. The bottom two are Johnny and Angel, which shocks no one. What does end up shocking is the fight the erupts while the judges deliberate.

Johnny is that not altogether rare breed that when faced with fact that 90% of the audience didn't like his work will sniff and haughtily respond "I'm designing for the other 10%". Now I am all for artistic integrity, but fashion is a business and if you want to be successful at it you have to understand it and challenge yourself to excel at it everyday. Thus, I interpret Johnny's claim to not care what others think of his designs as fear of trying to live up to that challenge and failing. So he's half assing it instead, while bragging about all the investors he has waiting for him "back home".

I think Reco agrees with me, because he mutters "I got folks playing in my profession and I am tired of it", before walking away. Keen to incite drama and take the spotlight off his own abundant failure, Johnny tells Haven that Reco was mad that she was in the top two because he thinks he should have been there himself. Which is not even close to what Reco said. Haven, being the insecure person she is, jumps all over Reco when he returns, with Daniella egging her on. In my opinion, Reco comes out looking the best, if only for speaking his mind honestly and showing that he has so much desire and drive for the industry that he is insulted by Johnny's 'who cares' attitude.

And it's an attitude we will endure another week, as Angel is sent home. Was that a fair elimination? What did you think of the fight? Were the designers purposefully deprived of sleep to illicit the tears and anger we saw tonight?

Posted by:Jessica Paff