' gushed that she loved and wanted that dress. A paragon of taste and elegance, she isn't. They all agree that Anna's work is sellable, while James Paul struggles with hanger appeal. Reco's is beautiful in shape, but didn't deliver intricacy or practical design while Daniella's work is modern but focuses on frighteningly thin proportions.

Despite the judges back and forth, I remained confident that Daniella and Reco were in the top spots and it was just a matter of Anna or James Paul going home.  When James Paul was told he was safe, I was ready to wish Anna well. Imagine my surprise when Reco was the one let go! Yet, I was not as surprised as Reco himself, who was gracious on the stage but commented that his dismissal was bullsh*t.

Do you agree with Reco? My favorite collections were Daniella and Reco, followed by James Paul. Who's collection did you like best? Do you trust America to vote for the right designer and not for the most popular? Do you plan on voting?

Posted by:Jessica Paff