mark wahlberg justin bieber 'The Fighter' star Mark Wahlberg aces Justin Bieber quiz (with a little help)

No stranger to teenage pop idols, actor Mark Wahlberg is apparently something of a Justin Bieber fan.

]]>MTV News for his film, “The Fighter,” discussion quickly turned to Justin Bieber — as it so often does. And when faced with a pop Bieber quiz, Wahlberg fared remarkably well. Wahlberg knew Bieber’s TV cameo (“C.S.I.”), his manager (Scooter Braun), his most-watched music video (“Baby”) and, with a little prodding, the name of his upcoming 3D movie (“Never Say Never”). One thing Wahlberg just couldn’t think of was the name of Bieber’s freshman album (“My World”), but, in his defense, he did come up with the infinitely more entertaining “Backstreet’s Back” for an answer. How well would you fare on a Bieber quiz?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell