“The Fighter” stars Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale have been making the round of interviews, but considering the film’s subject matter, we didn’t expect these Golden Globe nominees to break into song.

Bale, who had starred in the period musical “Newsies,” tells Peter Travers he’s not interested in doing the musical close, but then reveals that he’s got “The Powerpuff Girls” theme song stuck in his head anyway. As proof, he sings the chorus:

“Fighting crime, trying to save the world
Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls!”

It’s a surreal moment, but then Wahlberg launches into “The Touch,” the song he sang as Dirk Diggler in “Boogie Nights” and also featured in “The Transformers” animated movie. Huh, so both men sort of give an homage to cartoons in their own way.

Just for fun, here’s the actual “Powerpuff Theme” song for comparison:

Dirk’s version of “The Touch”:

And the rousing “Transformers” version:

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen