On Thursday, Jan. 12, “Bones” airs its last episode before going on hiatus for a few months. This tragic news is tempered by the fact that the FOX show’s spinoff,  “The Finder”, makes its official debut that very same day, and will fill that quirky crime procedural hole in our hearts during the “Bones” break.

Zap2it recently visited the “Finder” set to learn about the world of Walter Sherman, an Iraq war vet with ties to Booth who makes his living locating things (people, objects, etc.) for desperate souls. Walter, played by Geoff Stults, a little socially clueless — much like Brennan — but has help from Michael Clarke Duncan‘s Leo Knox and Mercedes Mas�hn‘s Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada.

Actually, he gets a little something else from Isabel, if you get our drift. (Sex. We’re talking about sex.)

Check out our video, in which the hunky Stults tells us a little more about Walter, and why you should watch the show. Hint: it’s “the best show in the history of time!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley