the finder crossover tj thyne 'The Finder': TJ Thyne, Geoff Stults, Hart Hanson and more on aliens, crossovers and 'Little Green Men'

“The Finder” is about to get another visitor from the “Bones” world when TJ Thyne, a.k.a. Dr. Jack Hodgins, guest stars on the FOX spinoff series in a UFO conspiracy theory episode called “Little Green Men.”
Hodgins heads down to Miami to ask for Walter Sherman’s (Geoff Stults) help in locating a mysterious UFO that he, a notorious conspiracy theorist, believes to have something to do with aliens.

“He’s had this incident happen where this astronaut has come to him because he saw something that he probably shouldn’t have,” Thyne tells Zap2it. “He needs someone to help him locate this object that was going very fast past the astronauts as they were coming back on the shuttle, and it’s somewhere here on Earth. So he’s asked Walter to find it for him.”

In case you were worried that the “Bones” crossover would seem like a ploy for viewers, executive producer Dan Sackheim assures us that it’s a completely natural situation. “I think it works better than anyone could have possibly hoped for. … Sometimes [crossovers] can just feel like a cheap marketing trick, but the characters have integrated so well into the story. They feel like so much a part of ‘The Finder.'”
In fact, he’d like to do many, many more. “We’re pleased,” he says. “It’s a lot of fun, and I hope we can do more of them.”
Stults says he had a great time working with Thyne on the episode. “It’s been a blast. He’s fantastic to work with,” Stults says of his new costar.

Check out the video below to hear what else Thyne, Stults, Sackheim, creator Hart Hanson and costars Michael Clarke Duncan and Mercedes Mas�hn had to say about “Little Green Men” when we visited the “Finder” set while they filmed the episode.

Posted by:Jean Bentley