lily gray luke and marks mom 'The Following' recap: Ryan learns the twisted truth about Lily too late

You’d think by now we’d have learned our lesson that no one is who they seem to be on “The Following.” But the FOX thriller threw us all for a loop when it revealed the truth about art dealer/subway attack survivor Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen) … and it was even more twisted than anything we could have imagined (and yes, we were already imagining the worst because poor Ryan just can’t catch a break).

Turns out, Ryan’s new crush is actually a follower who planned on getting romantically involved with him only to deliver him as a “present” to Joe. And that’s not all. Lily is also the mother of psychotic twins Luke and Mark. Raise your hand if you saw that one coming.

Put your hand down, liar.

Unfortunately for Ryan, he figured out Lily was a follower a moment too late. She realized he was on to her and ran, taking out two agents on the way to meet up with her sons. Ryan’s beating himself up for not figuring out the truth sooner, but both he and the FBI did extremely thorough background checks on her and found nothing out of the ordinary. So how did she cover her tracks? We’ll find out next week now that she’s been reunited with her sons.

Luke and Mark were busy this week. Not only did they reunite with their mother, but they also drafted Emma into their group of followers (to replace Carlos, whom they finally killed because no one liked him). And it looks like Mark is interested in Emma as more than just a fellow acolyte. How creepy was their flirty first meeting when he was genuinely interested in learning about how Emma feels fear? That’s how you know Luke and Mark are genuine psychopaths, because that’s the definition of one: the failure to feel emotions.

Emma caught a lucky break, meeting up with the new group of followers when she did because her group’s home was raided by the FBI, and all except one were killed. The survivor is in FBI custody, and Emma is now fully a part of Luke and Mark’s crew. Plus, she now knows that Joe is alive, and is pretty miffed that he didn’t come to her for help.

On the flip side of that, Mike is angry at Ryan because he broke into Ryan’s apartment and found his secret Joe room. Mike knew that Ryan would never let the case go, but Ryan still refuses to work with him. Because he’s so frustrated with Ryan, he starts to get an attitude with his former idol/mentor, and this new dynamic between the two of them is refreshing. Mike’s not going to take any of Ryan’s B.S. this season.

Unfortunately, that also means Mike doesn’t believe Ryan’s theory about Joe still being alive. What Mike doesn’t know is that Ryan is right: He found out that Joe had a half brother, and that half brother disappeared 14 months ago. He thinks Joe put his relative’s body in the boathouse because it would be a match in DNA tests. According to Carlos (when he told Emma), Roderick had it all planned out.

Meanwhile, after killing the reverend, Joe decides it’s time for him to leave and get his life back. Mandy doesn’t want him to go (she sees him as her twisted father figure), but her mom Judy is afraid for their safety. Judy tries to shoot Joe … but he’s one step ahead of her and took all the bullets out of her gun. He then almost chokes her to death but Mandy ends up stabbing her mom (goodbye, Carrie Preston) while Joe watches on in sheer pleasure. They torch the house together and hit the road — to New York? 

This whole dynamic of a daddy/daughter killer duo is so very creepy but intensely interesting to watch play out. Mandy clearly thinks she owes Joe everything for taking her out of their small town and Joe sees the chance to have a child again after failing with little Joey. But does he actually care about her, or is he just keeping her around to see what happens next?

So what did you think of Monday (Feb. 3) night’s episode, “Trust Me?” Did you see the twist about Lily coming? Are you worried for Mandy now that she killed her mom — and didn’t seem to show any remorse about it? Can Ryan and Mike just hug it out already?

“The Following” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum