the following the messenger 'The Following' Season 2, episode 8: Why was the big twist revealed before 'The Messenger' aired? “The Following” has had an incredible first half of its sophomore run. The reveals have been shocking, the twists have been pulled off brilliantly and the stars have all brought their A-game (lookin’ at you, Shawn Ashmore). When executive producer Kevin Williamson told us that the FOX serial killer thriller was a whole new show in Season 2, he wasn’t lying. It truly has ironed out all the kinks for which Season 1 was criticized.

And as with all hot streaks, it had to come to an end sometime. On Monday (March 10) night’s all-new episode, “The Messenger,” the big twist was revealed that Joe’s mentor in boarding school was his mentor, i.e. he taught him that killing was okay and all his techniques for removing eyeballs and fun things like that. And Joe wasn’t even his first student … or his last. Dr. Strauss (guest star Gregg Henry) was a killer mentor (no pun intended … well, okay maybe a little bit). It was Dr. Strauss who tended to the wounded Joe after the Havenport fire, too.

While this big reveal was pretty shocking, here’s my beef: We knew it was coming. This entire episode was touted as “when Ryan meets the man who taught Joe how to kill.” So as soon as we saw Ryan approach Strauss, we all knew what was coming, even if Ryan didn’t. This “twist” would have been so much better if we didn’t know it was coming all week long leading up to the episode.

Why was this plot twist revealed before the episode? Did it ruin the big surprise for you when Strauss and his new mentor attacked Ryan and the author/”journalist” who wrote the “Havenport Tragedy” book? Vote in our poll below:

“The Following” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum