Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) may have beaten Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) in “The Following” Season 1. But as the show moves toward Season 2, that dead serial killer is being resurrected by Hardy in two video teasers. Is Joe Carroll really alive? Or is his ghost merely Ryan Hardy’s obsession.

Both seem to be possible in the teasers.

The first of the videos, “Exist,” aired during the first game of the World Series on FOX. In it, Ryan sits alone in an empty room — perhaps symbolizing the vast emptiness of his life when Joe was done with it. Our hero questions the very death of Joe Carroll and notes that it might not be over at all.

At that point things get weird — the voice changes and a face turns back to the camera. Both Ryan and Joe are in the chair.

“The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.”
Is it all just a trick then?

Based on the second teaser, “Round Two,” that may very well be the case. Ryan Hardy says directly that he doesn’t believe in Joe Carroll’s death. In that case, the victory that cost everything might not be a victory at all.

It’s safe to say that “The Following” Season 2 will be dark when the show returns to FOX this spring.

Posted by:Laurel Brown